JP Woodtone T-style bridge replacement saddles are hand-made by John and Dana Page in their guitar shop in Sunny Valley Oregon. Each piece is painstakingly created using Ebony (treated with a special stabilizing process) or Vera (aka – Argentine Lignum Vitae). Saddles are compensated for accurate tuning using Stainless Steel fret sections and varying slot spacing. They are designed to be direct replacements for most 3 saddle T-style guitar bridges.

Even before John started his 20+ year career designing and building for Fender, he loved the Telecaster. The simplicity of the design especially, but he always wanted it to be smoother tonally… warmer. With the advent of his own guitar company and his T-inspired models like the P series and the AJ, some of this was addressed. The addition of the JP Woodtone saddles takes it the rest of the way. The concept behind these saddles is to add warmth to a guitar that is not really known for its warmth… it adds a bit of chesty mid and softens the attack while still retaining the best of the classic T-tone.

Like all of John Page Guitars’ product, is it for everyone? No… and that’s a good thing. We just can’t make that many!